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SaltMED News & Updates

SaltMED News & Updates

The Science Behind Sea Salt

There is no surprise that people who spend time at the beach notice an improvement in their skin. Sea salt, an ever-present component at any ocean or sea beach, can do wonders to help heal, cleanse, and restore the skin.…

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin and How to Treat Them

Sensitive skin can become easily irritated and feel uncomfortable. But medically speaking, sensitive skin is not a diagnosis – it is a symptom of other underlying conditions. At times it can be hard to deal with sensitive skin and challenging…

Med-Aesthetics Solutions, Inc. Rebrands as SaltMED™

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Dr. Roberta Del Campo featured in Luxury Guide Magazine!

Dr. Roberta Del Campo featured in Luxury Guide Magazine! Included in the outlet’s ‘Unwind’ section, the article describes Dr. Del Campo’s SaltFacial Therapy service, detailing its three-step process and skin rejuvenation benefits. Luxury Guide Magazine, March 2021, “Worth One’s Salt.”

Why Collagen is Vital to Skin Care and How the SaltFacial and Other Treatments Promote its Production.

Most consumers know about collagen and its importance for their skin. However, most may not realize that collagen naturally occurs in the body and there are steps one can take to increase its production. Let’s take a look at the…

This Revolutionary Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Will Dramatically Change Your Life

The all-natural SaltFacial is safe for all skin types and doesn’t have the harsh side effects you get from laser and chemical treatments.

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