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Wintertime Resurfacing Treatment

The SaltFacial is a perfect All Year Around Resurfacing Treatment for Your Patients

The fall and winter seasons are a popular time for skin resurfacing treatments. Sun damage and exposure to elements like wind, heat, and chlorine can make the skin appear rough, wrinkled, and uneven-toned. This means your patients are likely to look for a treatment that helps exfoliate and resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and age spots, and deeply moisturize – all in one procedure. Unlike other skin renewal treatments, The SaltFacial is all-natural and safe for any skin type at any time of the year. Find out how The SaltFacial can help resurface your patients’ skin all year round.

Exfoliating with Sea Salt

The first step in The SaltFacial’s three-phase treatment is a deep exfoliation with sea salt. Sea salt is delivered in a positive-pressure flow through a patented handpiece to uniformly remove the outer skin layer. This deep exfoliation can help with issues like rough and dull skin, fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles.

Additionally, sea salt can detoxify and absorb dirt from pores and help restore the skin’s natural PH and moisture balance. Sea salt exfoliation is an effective and powerful skin resurfacing treatment, but it is not as harsh as other exfoliation methods. The SaltFacial’s sea salt exfoliation will not leave your patients’ skin bruised, traumatized, or red, even if they have sensitive skin.

Ultrasound for Deep Nourishing of the Skin

The second phase of The SaltFacial uses ultrasound to increase circulation and make it easier for topical treatments to reach deeper skin layers. Different wavelengths help restore vital nutrients and antioxidants at varying depths beneath the skin’s surface to replenish the cells where they need it.

Weather elements like the sun, wind, and even the cold can deplete the skin’s moisture. Patients love that The SaltFacial’s ultrasound phase can deliver moisturizing and nourishing topicals deep into the skin’s dermal layer without the use of heat or mechanical force.

LED Phototherapy for Skin Healing

The SaltFacials’ third and final phase uses medical-grade LED phototherapy, which encourages healing, promotes collagen production and prevents bacteria growth.

The multi-wavelength LEDs, arranged in 3 large adjustable panels, can cover a large area of skin to deliver specific benefits. The red LED light helps to stimulate cellular turnover, promotes rapid healing, and reduces inflammation. The Near-infrared LED (NIR) promotes collagen stimulation, expands capillaries for better circulation, and works with the healing effects of the red LED.

The SaltFacial for Your Patients’ Skin Resurfacing Needs

The SaltFacial’s multi-modal system works for patients with all skin types and doesn’t require significant downtime. There is no need to avoid sun exposure after the treatment, so your patients can enjoy the benefits of The SaltFacial all year around.

Patients are sure to enjoy the luxurious SaltFacial treatment while receiving the benefits of a medical-grade procedure.

Learn More About The SaltFacial for Post Summer Resurfacing Treatments

Fall and winter are popular times for skin resurfacing treatments. The SaltFacial is a resurfacing treatment that provides patients with a one-stop solution for issues like sunspots, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles, and much more. If you’d like to find out more about The SaltFacial or are interested in building your practice with this innovative and cost-effective skin treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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