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Smooth Aesthetics: Katie Sevier, CRNA Endorses The SaltFacial

Smooth Aesthetics, owned by Katie Sevier, is a premier med spa that focuses on enhancing natural beauty and instilling self-confidence. With a background as a nurse and a master’s degree in anesthesia, Katie’s passion for skincare led her to provide exceptional aesthetic treatments that deliver outstanding results. 

In this blog, we will explore Katie’s experience with the revolutionary The SaltFacial and how it has transformed her practice.


Passion for Results Paired With Exceptional Aesthetic Training 

Katie embarked on a journey to deliver the best possible results to her clients by undergoing rigorous training with renowned injector Kelly Hermans at the Beautiphi Institute. Introduced to The SaltFacial by Kelly herself, Katie was immediately captivated by its potential. 

Kelly’s glowing reviews and comprehensive knowledge of the device convinced Katie to give it a try. Eager to explore its versatility, she scheduled a demo after learning about The SaltFacial’s rapid growth in the aesthetic industry.

“I surveyed my clients, and everyone wanted more skincare and facials,” Katie says. “I had heard great things about The SaltFacial, but I didn’t realize how greatly this device would impact my business. After the demo, I ordered the device within the week!”


The SaltFacial: A “Unicorn” Device

As a skin rejuvenation treatment with three unique technologies, The SaltFacial is a leader in the industry for a reason. This skin renewal therapy offers practitioners a multi-functional, medical-grade device and provides clients with long-lasting, beautiful results for all skin types.

“There’s nothing else like it on the market!” Katie says. 

The SaltFacial quickly became an integral part of Katie’s practice, serving as both a stand-alone treatment and a valuable addition to other procedures such as PRP therapy, injectables, and light treatments. The SaltFacial’s versatility and its ability to complement other treatments made it the ideal choice for Katie’s practice. 

“It’s such a unique device. My patients look like they have just gotten the results of an injectable, but with a facial! I love seeing how it heals the skin,” Katie says. “I highly recommend The SaltFacial as the first device to consider for any med spa. It truly is a unicorn device.”


Versatility Leads To Unparalleled Patient Results

Katie was particularly drawn to The SaltFacial’s effectiveness in addressing acne concerns among younger clientele and providing an anti-aging solution for those apprehensive about injectables. Clients with acne-prone skin have experienced significant improvements, while those seeking anti-aging solutions have found solace in The SaltFacial as a non-injectable alternative. 

“Witnessing the evolution of my clients’ skin and the immense joy the results from this device brings to their lives has been immensely rewarding,” Katie says. “And all my clients love The SaltFacial! Their friends are in my office within two weeks just by word of mouth.” 

Not only has Katie witnessed the powerful results for her clients, but she’s also seen them firsthand. 

“I struggled with dermatitis post-pregnancy, and it definitely impacted my confidence, especially as a med spa owner,” Katie says. “With The SaltFacial, paired with PRP, my results were life-changing. My skin is cured for months, and now I don’t have to worry about taking medications to heal my skin.” 


Benefits for the Practice and Return on Investment

The SaltFacial has brought forth numerous benefits for Smooth Aesthetics. Not only does it enhance the overall experience for her clients, but it also seamlessly transitions them into other treatments, such as neurotoxins, filler, and other injectables. For many practices, The SaltFacial is a great gateway into a comprehensive aesthetic package. 

Additionally, its versatility allows seamless integration with other services, resulting in shorter and more efficient treatments. For example, The SaltFacial significantly reduces the numbing time for microneedling procedures. As a result, Katie is able to provide shorter, more efficient treatments and get more clients in the door.

“The return on investment has been exceptional,” Katie says. “In my first month of offering The SaltFacial, I had 25 clients sign up for the treatment, and it’s only increased since. The device paid for itself within six months!”


No Regrets: Invest in The SaltFacial 

In conclusion, The SaltFacial has revolutionized the landscape of skincare at Smooth Aesthetics. Its exceptional results, versatility, and capability to complement other treatments have propelled the practice to new heights. And its ability to enhance results, generate additional income, and bring immense joy to clients is unmatched. 

“Definitely consider incorporating The SaltFacial into your aesthetic practice,” Katie says. “You’ll never regret this investment!”

Discover a Skin Renewal Treatment That Your Patients Will Rave About

Investing in the latest skin renewal equipment and offering the best facial treatments is essential to keep your patients returning. Becoming a med spa offering The SaltFacial will help you to provide the best medical facial for every patient.

The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy rejuvenates your skin for long-lasting results. This treatment is unlike any other facial and can be used anywhere on your body. You can expect a real, fundamental change in the health of your skin for life.

For questions about The SaltFacial treatment, contact us today.

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