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How to Unpack your Device (Crate)

How to Unpack Your Device (Box)

How to Unpack your Accessories

The Articulating Arm

Hook Up LED Power

Hook Up Power Cables

Install Outside Accessories

Installing Salt Chamber Accessories

Install the Salt Kit

Installing the No-Vac Eductor

Control Panels: The SaltFacial, Ultrasound & LED

How to Pack Your Device


Texture Overview

Tone Overview

Color Overview

Keep Patients Coming In

The Handpieces

The Hand Technique

The SaltFacial Procedure In-Depth

Power to the Machine

Wheels & LED Panel Storage

Humidity Control

Salt Kit & Tubing Set

Install the Salt Kit

Install the Tubing Set

Purging the System

Cleaning the Eductor

Clean the Salt Connectors

Intro to Solving Trouble Issues

No Power to: Salt Exfoliation Module

Flickering Lights/Low Power

No Power to: Ultrasound

No Power to: LED Control Panel

No Power to: LED Lights

Salt Flow Issues

Purge Salt Exfoliation Module

Intro to The Diagnostic Test

Test The Control Panel

Gauge Does Not Move or Go to Zero

Passed Diagnostic Test, Still Not Working?

Grow Your Practice with The SaltFacial Webinar 1

The SaltFacial Webinar Series: Acne


Below are the design elements for email and social media marketing campaigns. Choose one of the campaigns below and click once on the link. You will  immediately download a .zip file to your computer that contains all the component files. Once downloaded to your computer, double-click the .zip file to open the contents. For phone downloads, best to save the .zip file to your Dropbox or Google Drive account so you can forward from there.

Note, these are advanced design files that may require your graphic designer or website manager to assist you.

Be sure to add: #thesaltfacial to all your social posts.

There is no better way than beautiful social media posts to communicate your exceptional services. Click the images below to download assets.

Instagram Stories

Social Media Banners

Video Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

 The ‘One Page’ webpage is a perfect add-on to your own website that highlights all the features and benefits of the SaltFacial® system. The proper set up of the “One Page” website files may require help from your website manager. There are instructions in the .zip folder, but if you have any questions, we are here to help you!

  1. Download SaltFacial Page
  2. Webpage Assets
  3. Additional Webpage Assets

Each of the Mass Email .zip folders contains all image and text elements to build your mass email template and should work nicely in any popular online mass email program such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. The email template design we created is shown as an image, and simply a suggested design guide.

  1. Email Template 2 
  2. Open House Email Template 1
  3. Open House Email Template 2

Included in the 4 COLOR TRI FOLD BROCHURE .zip folder are several versions of the brochure, plus a .psd layered file with text layers for your business contact information. Ask your graphic designer to assist you in making the changes and to prepare for print.

  1. 4 Color Tri-Fold Brochure – with fillable doctor contact info
  2. 4 Color Tri-Fold Brochure
  3. Before/After Images

We’ve included the SaltMED™  and The Salt Facial® Brand Standards Guide complete with primary colors, font styles, and more.

Download Brand Standards Here
Download The SaltFacial® Logos

Before and After Images

Patient Testimonial Video – Tina

Patient Testimonial – Kaneta

Dr. Gregory Chernoff Physician Testimonial

Dr. Roberta Del Campo Physician Testimonial

Jennifer Buck, MedSpa Owner Testimonial

The SaltFacial Treatment

The SaltFacial Story

True Medical Facial Technology

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