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Find A Top Physician or Healthcare Provider Of The SaltFacial® In Your Area

Find A Top Physician or Healthcare Provider Of The SaltFacial® In Your Area

      At SaltMED, we believe every person has the ability to unlock their skin’s fullest potential when it is properly activated, cared for, and maintained. We believe in aging honestly and gracefully and making it look so good that people look forward to it.

      Use Our Locator to Find The Closest Physician or Healthcare Provider to You That Offers The SaltFacial®

      Award-winning aesthetic equipment supplier, SaltMED, has created The SaltFacial®, a three-step skin renewal system designed to restore, replenish, and rejuvenate skin from head to toe.

      1. The SaltFacial® skin renewal therapy begins with skin resurfacing using a proprietary sea salt formulation. Natural sea salt exfoliates pores without the use of harmful chemicals.
      2. Next comes cavitation ultrasound. This process improves circulation and allows vital nutrients to enter damaged areas and begin repairs.
      3. LED phototherapy is the final step. It reduces post-treatment redness and protects the skin’s beauty. Depending on the type of light, it also treats acne effectively.

      The SaltFacial® Uses The Power Of Natural Sea Salt, Ultrasound, and LED Phototherapy To Rejuvenate Your Skin

      The SaltFacial® is suitable for all skin types at any time of the year from head to toe. It is natural and promotes collagen production, making it one of the safest and most effective skin treatments on the market.

      If you are a patient, finding Physicians or Healthcare Providers of The SaltFacial® in your area is easy with our locator tool. It shows you the local Physicians or Healthcare Providers offering this treatment at their practice. Just enter your location (such as your zip code, city, or street address), select your radius, and get a list of results for your location. It’s that easy!

      If you are a Physician or Healthcare Provider of The SaltFacial® treatment, we can list you on our locator service so that local patients can find you.

      For a full list of certified locations, contact SaltMED directly.

      The SaltFacial

      Contact SaltMED For More Information

      Have questions or think The SaltFacial® from SaltMED is the right fit for your practice?

      Give us a call at ​​760-334-5609 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll contact you ASAP!

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