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Sea Salt Resurfacing – Your Client’s First Step to Renewed Skin

Sea Salt Resurfacing – Your Client’s First Step to Renewed Skin

The SaltFacial Step 1 - Sea Salt Resurfacing

Providing revolutionary and immediate results for clients, The SaltFacial is a medical-grade device that uses natural sea salt for skin rejuvenation. It’s safe and effective for various skin conditions, including acne, sun damage, fine lines, eczema, and more.

Our sea salt facial machine, a Class II, FDA-cleared medical/aesthetic device, uses three steps to provide your clients with healthier, glowing skin. The SaltFacial works with a variety of skin types and skin tones, with most medspa owners using this powerful device daily.

How Does Sea Salt Resurfacing Work?

The initial phase of The SaltFacial skin rejuvenation process harnesses the potency of one of nature’s most reliable resources – pure sea salt crystals. Natural sea salt attracts and preserves moisture at the cellular level, making it an ideal choice for skin resurfacing. Moreover, its innate antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal choice for exfoliation, effectively eliminating lifeless skin cells.

Using positive-pressure flow technology, the sea salt is gently administered to the skin, ensuring consistent resurfacing without any resulting trauma, skin discomfort, or subsequent redness. While most facials can irritate those with sensitive skin, The SaltFacial’s outcome is revitalized and radiant skin, even directly after treatment.


Why Sea Salt?

Pure, unrefined sea salt, a natural skincare ingredient, offers many health and beauty benefits. Formed through seawater evaporation, it retains a mineral-rich composition distinct because of its unique hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. With skin-enhancing minerals, sea salt serves diverse roles in nurturing skin cells.

Sea salt draws and retains moisture at the cellular level, possessing inherent antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, rendering it a safe natural exfoliant. Proper application enhances skin permeability for heightened absorption of other topicals. The applications of sea salt, including The SaltFacial treatment, hold the potential for transformative skin benefits.


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Case Studies About Our Skin Resurfacing Device

The SaltFacial has undergone comprehensive, peer-reviewed case studies that ultimately prove its effectiveness when treating skin in a variety of ways, including:

Our studies provide a proof of concept in the success of The SaltFacial in treating your client’s skin. Contact us today to start offering this revolutionary product to your customers.


By Providing Consistent, Reliable, And Satisfying Results

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The SaltMED skin resurfacing device is innovative, effective, and affordable. Our product is available nationwide and made from years of research and development of this technology. Contact our team today to order The SaltFacial.

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