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New Study Demonstrates The SaltFacial’s Non-Invasive Method for Enhancing Efficacy of Exosomes and Improving Skin Quality


The SaltFacial® is the first device shown in publication (Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology) to enhance the delivery of exosomes without breaking the skin.

“This is an exciting development for the field of non-invasive skin rejuvenation,” said Dr. Gregory Chernoff.

“We are excited to demonstrate that The SaltFacial can enhance the efficacy of exosomes and improve skin quality through safe and reproducible methods,” said Allan Danto, CEO and President of SaltMED.

“Our treatment has been shown to effectively enhance the delivery of exosomes to deeper layers of the skin, leading to superior outcomes. We believe that this study will have a significant impact on the development of safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatments without breaking the skin.”


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