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Dr. Ducharme Endorses The SaltFacial

Dr. Ducheme is a board-certified dermatologist with a practice in Clive, IA. Ducharme Dermatology is a full-service medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology clinic that sees patients with various ailments from skin growths, aging-related concerns, and hair loss to chronic rashes, psoriasis, and skin cancers.

When it came time to grow the aesthetic component of Ducharme Dermatology, Dr. Ducharme chose to add The SaltFacial technology to the practice to meet their aesthetic needs. Here, Dr. Ducharme shares what made her choose The SaltFacial, how it is being used at her practice, and the return on investment.

The SaltFacial as a Backbone of Aesthetic Treatments

When initially looking to add new technology to their practice, Dr. Ducharme was drawn to The SaltFacial because of the ability to customize each treatment step. “Being able to go from a light exfoliation to ablative type treatment, customize the masks and introduce our own masks and peels has been really attractive.” In addition, The SaltFacial’s medical-grade LED modality proved to be a key component and set The SaltFacial apart from competing technologies.

In addition to Dr. Ducharme, the practice has two estheticians who utilize The SaltFacial. One treatment available at Ducharme Dermatology is called a “Physician Enhanced SaltFacial.” Dr. Ducharme burns off tags, keratosis, and overgrown oil glands. Then an aesthetician comes in and does a SaltFacial for best results.

“The SaltFacial turned out to be just as good as a Jessner’s peel, which some people do not want to do because of the downtime required for recovery,” explains Dr. Ducharme. Dr. Ducharme also shares that she encourages patients to come in for The SaltFacial once or twice a year after the initial treatment for maintenance.

Multiple Use Options

Dr. Ducharme says that utilizing The SaltFacial’s three phases as one treatment or as separate modalities has been an asset for the practice. “You can deliver it all together or break apart and bundle individual components with other procedures. We also sell individual modalities as separate treatments.”

Dr. Ducharme says that utilizing the LED component for acne-prone patients has been incredibly successful. “It’s been successful for us selling just the LED therapy for acne patients. The acne light therapy with The SaltFacial is an FDA-approved treatment for acne. It’s an affordable option for patients. And it’s a great ROI for us because after setting the patients up under the light, there is minimal labor involved.”

Return on Investment

Dr. Ducharme shares that The SaltFacial has performed well both financially and medically. The low cost of consumables for The SaltFacial makes it a competitive and appealing option in terms of ROI.

“In the 15-16 months since purchasing The SaltFacial, our net profit minus consumables and employee compensation yielded profits that have exceeded the initial investment.”

Like other practitioners who utilize The SaltFacial technology, Dr. Ducharme is happy with her purchase and would recommend The SaltFacial to other medical practices.

*Results, testimonials, and statements are provided directly from Physician or Healthcare Provider and patient and not from SaltMED company.

Learn More About The SaltFacial Device

Are you considering adding new technology to your practice? The SaltFacial is a multi-platform technology that uses sea salt, ultrasounds, and LEDs to produce immediately visible results. Learn more about The SaltFacial, its effectiveness, and its popularity by contacting us today.

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