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The Laser Lounge Spa

The Laser Lounge Spa Endorses The SaltFacial

As a state-of-the-art med spa headquartered in Florida, The Laser Lounge Spa has made an incredible name for itself as the premier destination for anti-aging innovations and aesthetic treatments. Founded in Estero, FL, by Jonathan and April Sigg, the luxury and comfortability of The Laser Lounge Spa have attracted a plethora of customers and some of the region’s best professional medical aestheticians.

The Laser Lounge Spa offers the newest and best skin rejuvenation treatments on the market in Southwest Florida, with one of those prized advanced technologies being the incredible SaltFacial. Here, Moriah Saunders and Andrew Menefee, two of The Laser Lounge Spa’s top medical aestheticians, share why this treatment is a go-to choice and its impact on their spa.

Excellent Usage

The SaltFacial’s three-step therapy has provided The Laser Lounge Spa with a versatile, compelling, and popular aesthetic treatment, according to Moriah and Andrew. The SaltFacial provides a more intensive procedure than a standard facial. However, its ability to be customized provides a variety of client benefits.

First, they effectively provide skin resurfacing to their clients with this treatment. Then, The SaltFacial’s antibacterial effects set it apart from other devices. By thoroughly detoxing and replenishing nutrients to the skin, The SaltFacial effortlessly creates evenness in complexion. 

“Another benefit is the LED light phototherapy only lasts for 20 minutes. This is the perfect time frame for patients,” Andrew says. Overall, the team at The Laser Lounge Spa raves that the usability of The SaltFacial is simple and effective.

First-Hand Knowledge

Since actions speak louder than words, Moriah has taken the time to have her own personal experience with The SaltFacial. “It’s improved my hormonal and cystic acne so much,” she says. “I can hardly believe my own before and after pictures from using The SaltFacial.”

laser lounge spa

Creates an Experience

At The Laser Lounge Spa, the team takes their time to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience with The SaltFacial. Instead of entering a room with bright fluorescent lights, The SaltFacial takes place in a warmly lit room with a Himalayan salt wall. The Laser Lounge Spa is a premier medspa offering The SaltFacial. This innovative treatment, paired with the spa experience, provides an immaculate differentiator for this med spa.

Quick & Impressive Results

A primary advantage of The SaltFacial is effective results at a fast pace. The Laser Lounge Spa medical aestheticians say that not only can patients see results immediately, but patients still rave about how their skin looks even three days later.

“We’ve never had a client say it wasn’t worth it. They are always coming back for more!” Moriah says.

From young patients with hormonal acne to older patients with hyperpigmentation, this device provides excellent, quick results for The Laser Lounge Spa clients. From Kourtney Kardashian’s to the premier medspa in Southwest Florida, The SaltFacial is creating a buzz that attracts new customers.

“Using The SaltFacial really takes our spa to the next level,” says Andrew. “As an evolution of the latest medical facial treatments and technology, we’re proud to use this advanced medical device and definitely recommend it to others!”


Learn More About The SaltFacial Device

The SaltFacial is the only Class 2 Medical Facial treatment platform on the market. This powerful device is a popular treatment amongst all age groups. With The SaltFacial’s immediately visible results, it is quickly becoming a client favorite. To learn more about The SaltFacial and see if it’s right for your practice, please contact us today.

laser lounge spaAndrew Menefee has been a medical aesthetician for about four years, primarily working at The Laser Lounge Spa in Estero, FL. My schooling includes a year at Beauty And Health Institute in Tampa and training through Merz Aesthetics.




laser lounge spaMoriah Saunders from Cape Coral, Florida. I’ve been an esthetician for 3 years now and working at The Laser lounge spa for 2 years. My specialty is in medical-grade facials as well as top-of-the-line treatments like RF Microneedling. I can proudly say I have found my passion. There is no better feeling than making people feel comfortable in their own skin. I love coming to work knowing there’s at least one person I can help each day.

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