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Young Woman Smiling While Applying Natural Sea Salt As A Skin Renewal Facial

Why Xennials Love The SaltFacial for Skin Renewal Treatments

One look on social media shows how younger generations, such as Xennials, love the benefits of salt paired with skincare. If you scroll on TikTok or Instagram, there are thousands of videos on the advantages of natural sea salt facials for skin renewal and as an aesthetic treatment to get glowing skin. You’ll see such categories as “sea salt facial,” “homemade or DIY sea salt facial exfoliator,” “salt for face,” or “satisfying salt.” 

Xennials, if you don’t know, are a micro-generation of people born between 1977 and 1985. This demographic is increasingly interested in noninvasive skin renewal systems like The SaltFacial. After all, they love organic sea salt products in their skincare daily regimen already, according to social media. Hear why Xennials are raving about The SaltFacial, and how these prospective clients can enhance your medical spa profitability and clientele.


Xennials Aren’t Afraid to Try Something New

“The SaltFacial three-step process is awesome. After only one visit, I already feel a big difference in my facial skin tone!”

While the Gen X population may be stuck in their ways, research suggests that Xennials are eager to learn about all sorts of new things. Since this generation grew up during the rise of the Internet, they are open to how the latest technology, including aesthetic technologies, can benefit them.

Also, Xennials are more prone to watching a video than any other type of content. Therefore, before and after videos of The SaltFacial can demonstrate the miraculous benefits of this skin renewal treatment. Xennials are pros at surfing the web, and many Xennial patients have seen (both online and in person) how The SaltFacial treatment promotes collagen production and reduces the signs of aging.


Xennials Value Self Care & Comfort

The SaltFacial leaves your skin feeling so smooth!”

For most Xennials, their priorities are family and comfort. And with most members of this microgeneration being family-centric, they value their time. Instead of spending hours receiving invasive cosmetic therapies, this demographic wants simple, straightforward, and comfortable aesthetic treatments with little downtime. 

Additionally, Xennials, like their Millenial co-part, take pride in improving their personal well-being. Studies show that these generations spend disposable income on self-care essentials, such as therapy, workout memberships, and aesthetic treatments. With The SaltFacial, Xennials get the best of both worlds–effective, quick results for all skin types in a relaxing environment.


Xennials Prefer Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

I’m already looking forward to more treatments of The SaltFacial!”

For this generation, facelifts, liposuction, and chemical peels are household terms. Xennials are used to reading about invasive skin procedures and cosmetic treatments online. However, they tend to lean toward noninvasive skin renewal therapy, with 71% of women open to noninvasive aesthetic treatments.

Convenient, nonsurgical aesthetic treatments such as The SaltFacial are extremely appealing to this generation. With The SaltFacial, you can help your Xennial patients treat fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and skin dullness–all with powerful, non-invasive technologies: sea salt resurfacing, aesthetic ultrasounds, and LED light therapy.

Xennials want to look great for their upcoming high school reunions, their children’s events, and date nights. There’s never been a better time to offer The SaltFacial to this skin-conscious generation!


Improve Your Med Spa’s Cash Flow & Client Retention With The SaltFacial for Skin Renewal Therapy

The SaltFacial fuses innovation and Earth’s essential elements for truly balanced beauty. It’s affordable and all-natural, helping your patients maintain healthy, youthful skin. Call us today at 760-334-5267 or get in touch with us to let us help you provide your patients with the non-invasive skin renewal treatment they crave.

The SaltFacial is a class 2 medical device that is available for purchase and use in facilities that are medically supervised.



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