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How The SaltFacial is Revolutionizing Skincare with Exosome Therapy

The pursuit of youthful, glowing and healthy skin has contributed to a string of exciting and innovative treatment developments over the past several decades. Skincare is evolving continuously thanks to research and new technology. Exosomes have been labeled the next big breakthrough in skin care, but what are they and why is exosome therapy such an intriguing development?


What are Exosomes?


Exosomes are essentially messengers which are found all over the body. They are released by stem cells and naturally gravitate toward inflammation. Similar to tiny bubbles, these membrane-tied, extracellular vesicles travel to problem areas, carrying essential elements to target inflammation and boost health. Exosomes contain growth factors, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements and there are millions of different types within our bodies. Their role is to carry messages between the cells. 

What do Exosomes do for Skin?

Exosome therapy has been hailed as a groundbreaking development due to its ability to regenerate the skin. In a step forward for stem cell therapy, vesicles can now be harvested from stem cells to restore skin tissue. This has interesting implications for regenerative aesthetics, offering benefits for patients who are interested in treatments ranging from anti-aging solutions for lines and wrinkles to hair loss. 


There are various ways in which exosomes benefit the skin by carrying signals for inter-cell communication, including:


  1. Boosting skin cell regeneration and collagen production
  2. Reducing inflammation 
  3. Enhancing the results of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, including The SaltFacial

Why The SaltFacial Excels in Exosome Therapy

The SaltFacial is a three-step facial treatment, which is designed to restore, replenish, and rejuvenate the skin using a combination of sea salt resurfacing, aesthetic ultrasound, and LED phototherapy. The non-surgical treatment balances and nourishes the skin, increases circulation, and enhances natural radiance. 


In an exciting development for those hoping to enjoy younger-looking, healthy, radiant skin, research shows that The SaltFacial can boost the efficiency and efficacy of exosome therapy. A recent study concluded that The SaltFacial improves the delivery of exosomes to the deeper layers of the skin tissue, optimizing treatment outcomes. Individuals who long for bright, beautiful, youthful skin can now enjoy the benefits of advanced, safe, effective skin rejuvenation which doesn’t break the skin. 


“We are excited to demonstrate that The SaltFacial can enhance the efficacy of exosomes and improve skin quality through safe and reproducible methods,” said Allan Danto, CEO and President of SaltMED. 


“Our treatment has been shown to effectively enhance the delivery of exosomes to deeper layers of the skin, leading to superior outcomes. We believe that this study will have a significant impact on the development of safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatments without breaking the skin.”


Why is Exosome Therapy so Exciting?

Exosome therapy has created a buzz because it offers a cutting-edge alternative to other skin treatments. In comparison with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and PRFM (platelet-rich fibrin matrix), for example, exosomes are more powerful and they can be collected from the stem cells rather than platelets taken from human blood samples. Exosomes are consistent and they contain between 10 and 100 times the levels of growth factors. 


Exosomes are hitting the headlines in the world of skincare, and The SaltFacial is proud to offer a natural, medical-grade treatment that aligns with this therapy! 


Discover a Skin Renewal Treatment That Your Patients Will Rave About


Investing in the latest skin renewal equipment and offering the best facial treatments is essential to keep your patients returning. Becoming a med spa offering The SaltFacial will help you to provide the best medical facial for every patient.

The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy rejuvenates your skin for long-lasting results. This treatment is unlike any other facial and can be used anywhere on your body. You can expect a real, fundamental change in the health of your skin for life. 


For questions about The SaltFacial treatment, contact us today. 

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