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The SaltFacial

How The SaltFacial can Benefit your 30+ Target Patients

Patients in their 30’s often have similar concerns when it comes to their skin. Namely, they may be inquiring how they can treat fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and skin dullness. 

Sun exposure, genetics, and smoking can all influence how the skin ages – but most individuals start developing some or all of the issues mentioned above by the time they reach their 30’s. 

The SaltFacial can provide your patients with a one-stop-shop reinvigorating treatment that will diminish the appearance of fine lines, improve skin elasticity and tone, and prevent the development of future wrinkles. 

Age-Specific Skincare

Each decade in a person’s life comes with its unique effects on the skin. The teenage years and early 20’s are influenced by hormones and other factors like stress and lack of sleep, resulting in breakouts and duller-looking skin. 

People in their 30’s usually start seeing signs of aging like loss of volume, skin pigmentation, and fine lines. This happens because as they age, their body produces less elastin and collagen. The decrease in collagen production means the skin will appear less tight.

By the time individuals reach their 30’s, the skin’s repair system also slows down, which can cause the skin to appear dull.   

The SaltFacial can address the underlying causes of skin dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss and provide your patients with a treatment that targets their specific age group. 

Sea Salt for Skin Dullness and Discoloration

The SaltFacial restores the skin by delivering fine sea salt to the skin’s surface. Sea salt can gently but efficiently remove the skin’s outer layer and reveal fresh, glowing skin underneath. Additionally, exfoliation is a helpful tool for skin discoloration because it breaks up pigmented cells and allows them to fade.  

Sea salt’s gentle exfoliation helps avoid irritation, excessive redness, and bruising that are often experienced during exfoliation by patients with sensitive skin. 

Ultrasound for Vibrant Skin

The SaltFacial uses ultrasound to increase circulation and promote the absorption of skincare products. This part of the treatment also helps restore vital nutrients and antioxidants to the areas beneath the skin’s surface. 

LED Phototherapy for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Loss of Volume

The SaltFacial’s medical-grade LED phototherapy encourages healing and promotes collagen production. Each treatment can be customized with the following four modes: Blue LED, Red LED, and Near-Infrared LED (NIR). LED phototherapy can treat and prevent skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume. 

Take-away of The SaltFacial for Your 30+ Clientele 

The SaltFacial has the unique advantage of combining several treatments in one procedure. The sea salt step exfoliates the skin, the ultrasound step increases circulation and promotes skin product absorption, and the LED step heals and promotes collagen production. 

You may find that your 30+ patients are especially interested in The SaltFacial because it combines their most sought-after treatments for fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, and skin dullness – all during one appointment!

Learn More About The SaltFacial Device

The SaltFacial’s unique combination of sea salt, ultrasound, and LED phototherapy can help to restore and invigorate the skin in patients over 30. If you’d like to find out more about how The SaltFacial can help reduce and prevent fine lines in patients in their 30’s – don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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