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Face It Aesthetics: Petrine Fardette, PA-C, Endorses The SaltFacial

Petrine Fardette, PA-C, is a Certified Physician Assistant Injector with accreditations in advanced fillers, laser techniques, and skin tightening. Currently, Petrine specializes in facial sculpting with fillers and neuromodulators at “Face It Aesthetics”—her boutique med spa in Pompano Beach, FL.

Petrine recently added The SaltFacial to her practice and says her clients enjoy the treatment for both its effects and the fact that they don’t need to stay out of the Florida sun afterward. Here, Petrine shares how The SaltFacial enhanced her practice and why she recommends it for other Physicians or Healthcare Providers, too.

Why Petrine Fardette Chose The SaltFacial for Her Practice

Petrine was initially drawn to The SaltFacial because it was an appealing treatment for her clientele who were not yet ready for injectables but whom she wanted to keep in the practice. The rejuvenating effects of The SaltFacial were an instant hit, and Petrine shares that she was happy the treatment could be done on all skin types at any time of the year.

Additionally, placing The SaltFacial machine in her injectables room turned out to be a great ice-breaker. “It’s a cool-looking machine, so people always ask about it,” shared Petrine. Petrine’s patients are usually excited to find out that The SaltFacial can enhance their injectables treatment to get the glowing skin they desire. “It’s a great selling point,” noted Petrine.

The SaltFacial + Neocutis

Petrine has been using Neocutis products at her practice for some time. She initially switched to the skincare line because she read the research and appreciated the science-backed approach behind Neocutis. And although Petrine already loved the skincare line, she was delighted to find out that using Neocutis and The SaltFacial together delivered unparalleled results. “We were able to get extraordinary results once we started using Neocutis products in combination with The SaltFacial,” Petrine excitedly shared with us.

Petrine began to combine Neocutis products with The SaltFacial treatment. Rather than using the usual gliding gel, she selected the Neocutis product that was best suited to the patient’s skin type: Hyalis Intensive Hydrating Serum would help patients with dehydrated skin, while Bio Gel improved skin texture in patients with fine lines.

“The SaltFacial has increased Neocutis sales by 90%”


Not only did combining The SaltFacial with Neocutis products produce superior results, but it also increased Neocutis sales. “The SaltFacial has increased Neocutis sales by ninety percent,” shared Petrine. In addition to Hyalis and Bio GelL, Petrine uses Micro Day moisturizer to finish up The SaltFacial treatment. She says that her patients love their skin’s post-treatment look so much that they usually walk out with a couple of Neocutis products.

Types of Patients Loving The SaltFacial

Who is a good candidate for The SaltFacial treatment? As Petrine accurately put it, “anyone who has skin!” She says The SaltFacial is great for her teenage acne patients, as well as patients with adult acne. For her more mature patients, The SaltFacial is popular for fine line reduction and deep hydration.

Petrine also told us that she decided to sell The SaltFacial treatments in a package of three. She tells her patients that for best results, they really should commit to doing a series. Although she will make an exception and give a single treatment to someone who is getting ready for a wedding or an event, she says most patients are on board with purchasing the three-treatment packages.

Petrine has had The SaltFacial for about six months and says she would definitely recommend it to other practitioners looking to add new technology to their practice.

*The SaltFacial and Neocutis products have not been studied in combination. Results, testimonials, and statements are provided directly from Physician or Healthcare Provider and patient and not from SaltMED company

Learn More About The SaltFacial Device

Unlike other skin renewal treatments, The SaltFacial is all-natural and safe for any skin type at any time of the year. The SaltFacial is a popular treatment amongst all age groups and works well in conjunction with Neocutis products. To find out more about The SaltFacial and if it’s right for your practice, please contact us today.

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