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Dr. Barbarino Endorses The Salt Facial

Why Dr. Barbarino Endorses The SaltFacial

Dr. Sheila Barbarino, MD, FAAO, FAACS, FACS, is a renowned cosmetic surgeon with practices in both the South Bay of California and Austin, Texas. She’s thrilled to continue introducing her patients to The SaltFacial, which she says they love and keep coming back for more.

“The SaltFacial has been clinically proven to treat the skin for medical problems and still provides a luxurious experience to my patients,” says Dr. Barbarino. Here, Dr. Barbarino shares why she chose to purchase The SaltFacial for her practice and why it’s a hit with her patients.

Why Dr. Barbarino Chose The SaltFacial for Her Practice

While expanding her practice this year, Dr. Barbarino was on the lookout for additional technologies for her growing medical office. “I wanted to look at luxurious technologies that were new, different, and really next level. I wanted to add a treatment I wanted to use myself. Something that felt elegant and spa-like, but also gave me visible results that I could see the next day and the years to come,” she explains. “What I liked about The SaltFacial was that there was solid scientific technology behind the three modalities that improve skin texture at a cellular level.”

The SaltFacial is the world’s first medical facial device, and it includes three powerful technologies that help infuse the skin with nutrients, remove toxins and dead skin, and promote faster healing.

Sea Salt

The SaltFacial gently delivers fine sea salt to the skin’s surface to uniformly remove the skin’s outer layer. Dr. Barbarino says that the sea salt provides effective microdermabrasion, but is not as irritating as other methods used in the past that left the patient’s skin agitated and chaffed for days. “We all know that microdermabrasion works, but the treatment can be very aggressive. The SaltFacial changed that.” As a result, you can provide patients with results similar to microdermabrasion without prolonged irritation.


Ultrasound drives nutrients into the freshly resurfaced skin and increases circulation to deliver topical products deep into the skin’s deeper dermal layers. “We offer PRP and exosomes in my office as well as other skin treatments. What I love about the ultrasound is that it drives whatever topical you apply, down deep into the skin after you just freshly microdermabraded it. It’s very effective in maximizing topical treatments that we know our skin needs to look and feel its best. The ultrasound handpiece speeds up the penetration of the products and allows them to penetrate deeper.”

LED Lights

The SaltFacial’s medical-grade LED phototherapy encourages healing, promotes collagen production, kills and prevents bacteria growth, and more. “We’ve heard about LED lights for a while, and I was looking to get an LED light system in. It was very convenient that it was already one of the three steps incorporated into The SaltFacial. And I loved hearing that The SaltFacial’s LED lights are Class II medical LEDs also used by NASA astronauts.”

The SaltFacial’s Stand-Alone + Combination Benefits

Dr. Barbarino uses The SaltFacial as a stand-alone treatment and in conjunction with other treatments for enhanced results. “I often prep my patient’s skin for laser treatments with The SaltFacial. It makes for a more effective laser treatment and speeds up the healing time. I also use the LED lights in a lot of post-injectables. It can significantly help reduce bruising and swelling post-treatment. For all of my patients who are concerned about post injectable bruising and/or swelling, I put them under the LED lights for 20 minutes before leaving to reduce their recovery time.”

Whether used as a stand-alone treatment or for pre or post-care for other procedures, Dr. Barbarino likes the following benefits of The SaltFacial:

● Sea salt resurfaces skin superficially drawing out impurities in an antibacterial way.

● The medical-grade ultrasound handpiece efficiently drives topical products into the skin faster and deeper and therefore more effectively.

● The LED promotes healing, decreases redness, antiaging through collagen stimulation, and reinforces the antibacterial component of the salt.

Who Are the Ideal Patients for The SaltFacial?

Dr. Barbarino says that she uses The SaltFacial on all types of patients with all skin types. She recommends The SaltFacial to her young patients to help with their young, problematic acneic skin. She uses The SaltFacial to treat her middle-aged patients who have adult-onset hormonal acne, who have rosacea, and who struggle with early signs of aging and sun damage. She recommends The SaltFacial to her aging patients who suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, hyperpigmentation from years of sun damage, and neglect.

Patients who are looking to have an effective facial that also feels like a spa day treatment can benefit from having The SaltFacial. Not all treatments have to hurt or be unpleasant to have a powerful, visible result. In Dr. Barbarino’s medical office, she sees a significant amount of patients who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea who benefit by using a combination of topical and oral medications in conjunction with The SaltFacial.

Return on Investment

“Nearly 70% of my SaltFacial patients book second appointments.”

Unlike some other technologies, The SaltFacial does not require an exorbitant amount of consumables. The LED and the Ultrasound handpieces do not have wasteful consumables that require additional cost to the provider. It helps Dr. Barbarino keep consumables costs down and minimizes pricing for patients while maximizing the return on investment for the provider. This was an important distinguisher for Dr. Barbarino when she was looking at purchasing new technology.

The SaltFacial is used on patients daily in Dr. Barbarino’s practice. According to Dr. Barbarino’s EMR, 70% of SaltFacial patients book their second appointments within 4-6 weeks after having their first treatment.

So far, Dr. Barbarino is very happy with her investment and would recommend The SaltFacial to other practices that want to offer an elegant and effective skin treatment.

Learn More About The SaltFacial Device

The SaltFacial is a Class II medical facial device that can benefit patients of all skin types. If you would like to find out if The SaltFacial is right for your practice or if you have any questions about this innovative and cost-effective treatment, please contact us today.

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Learn More About The SaltFacial Device

The SaltFacial is a Class II medical facial device that can benefit patients of all skin types. If you would like to find out if The SaltFacial is right for your practice or if you have any questions about this innovative and cost-effective treatment, please contact us today.

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